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All About Homefront The Revolution Pre Order Bonuses – Free Now

Homefront The Revolution Pre order If you are fond of role-playing military games, you should know that there is a new game in town and it is called Homefront Revolution. Right now, a copy of the game can be had in pre-release version. The good thing about it is that when you pre-order now, you can get yourself some cool bonuses.

These bonuses include a Red Skull motorbike skin for your campaign, a golden skin for your pistol campaign, and instant unlocks for your remote explosives, sniper scope, and marksman rifle when you are on resistance mode.

The game itself will not be released until May 17th in the United States and made 20 in other countries in the world. But you are free to pre-order the game now. You can order it and play it on your PC, Xbox one, and PlayStation. Linux and Mac versions are also in the works Homefront The Revolution Pre order.

But if you are like most people, you are probably wondering how this game works and what makes it different from the other games in its category.

With this game you can go on Resistance mode and with it, you and your friends can form resistance cell and engaged the KPA military in a guerrilla warfare campaign or series of campaigns. But even if you don’t go on Resistance mode, the game contains narrative-driven missions that requires you to save what is left of Philadelphia.

When you play the game, you can unlock new skills Homefront The Revolution Pre order , and earned weapon blueprints as well as rare equipment along with combat gear that you can customize and upgrade.

If you opt to play this game alone though it has over 30 hours of single-player pure gaming pleasure. The resistance mode comes with 12 replayable missions that you can plan with 20 others.

Homefront The Revolution Pre order

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