Tom Clancy's The Division

How Popular Is Tom Clancy’s The Division?

I have to honestly wonder just how popular is Tom Clancy’s The Division? I’ve seen a few DeepCheats commercials for it on television here and there, so I knew it was coming out. I’m an NBA fan and that’s pretty much all I watch on TV lately since it’s playoff season. Basketball games didn’t have a lot of video game commercials when I was a kid, but they do nowadays, so I’m at least aware of The Division.
I started noticing it a lot more last week, as I struggled to find battle buddies for both Halo: Reach and Mass Effect 3. I’m still hanging on to my old Xbox 360, but a lot of my Xbox Live friends have already moved up to the Xbox One, or Xbone as we sometimes call it.

It’s been a little depressing to see so many friends on the new generation of console while I’m one cycle behind. I do plan on an Xbone in the future, and I’m glad to see the price drop, but I’m kind of waiting for that one killer game to come out that motivates me to move up DeepCheats.

Could Tom Clancy’s The Division be that game? My brother plays it a lot, and I certainly haven’t played anything with him for a long, long time. It might be a good way to spend more time with him.

I’ve seen the Xbox One users on my friends list play a lot of Halo 5, as well as Destiny, but neither of those games ever stimulated chatter in social media. Just earlier today, a former Mass Effect buddy of mine was wondering openly if any Division players were online and wanted to join him.

I actually kind of hope The Division proves to have some kind of staying power. Certain multiplayer games still have cult followings years after the fact, and maybe The Division will still have players around when I finally move up

I actually sometimes enjoy coming to a game later in the life cycle, since there’s often more maps and expansion packs that have come out for it. It makes for a great experience, as the game is typically deeper and richer than the vanilla version. Halo and Mass Effect DeepCheats are great about that, but Destiny wasn’t so much. Hopefully The Division will still be uniting my friends list when I move up to the Xbone.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

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